london 2014

a series of 18 paintings, which i did during a 3 month stay in london. the titles derive from the 'ventilator' sign inside the trains of the london tube ... or what remained of it. (enamel paint-marker, silver paint-marker, alcohol based ink on polydraw drafting film)

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tehran 2010-13

'tehran', large format oil paintings on composite panels of two sizes. (100x122cm, 122x144cm)

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ʻthe first cut is the deepestʼ

ʻthe first cut is the deepestʼ munich based iranian artist kuros nekouian shows some results of his research on materials and techniques he did during his residency @instinc (singapore 2011)
materials: asphaltum, chinese ink, acrylic on tracing paper
techniques: drawing and cut out
berhati-hati diruang platform (mind the gap)

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'g_xx', series of paintings over the years 2004-12, (oil on canvas, 80x80cm)

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'beijing drawings'

'beijing drawings', a set of 20 drawings i made 2007 during my one month residency with red gate gallery in beijing. (ink and gouache on chinese paper 88 x 96cm)

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